What are the requirements for obtaining a T visa for victims of human trafficking?

T visa for victims of human trafficking
T visa for victims of human trafficking

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Human trafficking is a heinous crime that affects millions of people around the world. To protect and support victims of human trafficking who are present in the United States, the U.S. government offers the T visa, a form of immigration relief. In this blog, we will explore the requirements for obtaining a T visa, which provides victims of human trafficking with the opportunity to live and work legally in the United States.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a T visa, you must meet specific criteria outlined by U.S. immigration law:

a. Victim of Trafficking: You must be a victim of severe human trafficking. This includes any person who has been subjected to involuntary servitude, forced labor, or sexual exploitation through force, fraud, or coercion.

b. Physical Presence in the United States: You must be physically present in the United States, its territories, or its possessions as a direct result of human trafficking.

c. Compliance with Law Enforcement: You should be willing to assist law enforcement authorities in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases. This cooperation is a crucial component of T visa eligibility.

d. Admissibility: You must not have engaged in any criminal activity that would make you inadmissible to the United States. If you have a criminal record, consult with an immigration attorney to determine if you qualify for a waiver of inadmissibility.

T visa for victims of human trafficking
T visa for victims of human trafficking
  1. Law Enforcement Certification

One of the most critical aspects of the T visa application process is obtaining a law enforcement certification. To do this:

a. Report the Crime: Report your victimization to a law enforcement agency, such as the police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

b. Cooperate with Investigations: Fully cooperate with the law enforcement agency’s investigation into the trafficking incident. Your assistance is vital to prosecuting traffickers and securing your T visa.

c. Obtain a Certification: After your cooperation, the law enforcement agency may issue a certification (Form I-914, Supplement B) confirming your assistance in the investigation. This certification is a crucial piece of evidence for your T visa application.

  1. Filing the T Visa Application

Once you have obtained the law enforcement certification, you can proceed with the T visa application process:

a. Complete Form I-914: Fill out Form I-914, Application for T Nonimmigrant Status. Include all required documents and evidence.

b. Pay the Filing Fee: Pay the appropriate filing fee, unless you qualify for a fee waiver.

c. Include Supporting Documents: Attach all necessary supporting documents, such as the law enforcement certification, personal statement describing your victimization, and any additional evidence demonstrating your eligibility.

d. Submit the Application: Mail your application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) along with the required fee and supporting documents.

  1. Benefits of the T Visa

If your T visa application is approved, you will receive several benefits, including:

a. Legal Status: You will be granted legal immigration status in the United States.

b. Work Authorization: You will be eligible to work in the United States.

c. Access to Public Benefits: You may be eligible for certain public benefits and services.

d. Eligibility for Adjustment of Status: After three years of continuous presence in T visa status, you can apply for adjustment of status to become a lawful permanent resident (green card holder).

Conclusion – T visa for victims of human trafficking

The T visa provides critical protection and support for victims of human trafficking in the United States. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have cooperated with law enforcement in investigating trafficking crimes, you may qualify for this important immigration relief. Consult with an immigration attorney or a qualified nonprofit organization that specializes in assisting victims of human trafficking to navigate the application process successfully. Obtaining a T visa can offer victims a path to safety and recovery in the United States.


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